Oxford McGill Zurich collaborative projects


Vestibular evoked myogenic potentials for myasthenic disorders
Konrad Weber, University Hospital Zurich / Maria Isabel Leite, University of Oxford

Understanding the brain-body interface and its importance for physiological and psychological symptom burden (workshop)
Olivia Faull, University of Zürich and ETH Zurich / Dennis Jensen, McGill University / Kyle Pattinson, University of Oxford

Imaging of genetically coded cell viability sensors in EAE
Aiman Saab, University of Zurich /  Alyson Fournier, Montreal Neurological Institute

Human and mouse investigation into the influence of early-life stress on oligodendrocytes in the amygdala
Chris Pryce, Psychiatric University Hospital / Naguib Mechawar, McGill University

Modulation of alpha-synuclein aggregation in iPSC derived microglia
Paola Picotti, ETH Zurich / William James, University of Oxford


Optogenetic and electrochemical dissection of stress-signaling in the brain
Johannes Bohacek, ETH Zurich / Stephanie Cragg, University of Oxford

Chronic stress, myelination, and neuroinflammation (workshop)
Christopher Pryce, University of Zurich / Naguib Mechawar, McGill University

Causal role of arousal systems for decision making
Christian Ruff, University of Zurich / Lesley Fellows, McGill University

Dissecting functional meso- and microcircuits for reversal learning in mouse neocortex
Fritjof Helmchen, University of Zurich / Jesper Sjöström, McGill University

Imaging long-term hippocampal dynamics of a memory trace
Benjamin Grewe, ETH Zurich / David Dupret, University of Oxford / Adrien Peyrache, McGill University

Epigenetics and ADHD: Family-based and case-control association studies of the dopamine and serotonin transporter gene
Susanne Walitza, University of Zurich / Gustavo Turecki, McGill University


Neuronal plasticity revealed by negative optokinetic afternystagmus after adaptation to the optokinetic stimulation
Melody Ying-Yu Huang, University of Zurich / Maurice Chacron, McGill University

Understanding the molecular pathways of α-syn fibrils and mitochondrial quality control proteins in Parkinson’s disease using hiPSC-derived human neurons
Paola Picotti, ETH Zurich / Thomas Durcan, McGill University

Genetic and epigenetic determinants of human cellular molecular clocks
Steve Brown, University of Zurich / Zameel Cader, University of Oxford


Investigation of training induced shape and volume changes within the basal ganglia in patients with spinal cord injury
Patrick Freund, University of Zurich / Mallar Chakravarty, McGill University

Innovative Abeta34 diagnostics to discriminate healthy aging from prodromal cognitive decline
Luka Kulic, University of Zurich / Gerhard Multhaup, McGill University

Motivating change, changing motivation: towards a neuroscientific basis for addressing apathy in the elderly
Philippe Tobler & Todd Hare, University of Zurich / Lesley Fellows, McGill University / Masud Husain, University of Oxford


A preliminary inquiry into the potential for hypothalamo-hippocampal MCH neurons to govern sustenance-relevant exploration and spatial memory
Bechara Saab, University of Zurich / Ed Mann, University of Oxford

System characterization and algebraic reconstruction: Deployment of advances in MRI technology for high-field neuroimaging
Klaas Prüssmann, ETH Zurich / Johanna Vannesjo, University of Oxford


Clocks, sleep, and the ageing brain
Steven Brown, University of Zurich / Nicolas Cermakian, McGill University / Russell Foster, University of Oxford

Sleep during adolescence: synaptic and cellular mechanisms
Reto Huber, University Children's Hospital Zurich / Vladyslav Vyazovskiy, University of Oxford

Inflammation, brain, and depression: from human evidence to preclinical models to novel treatments (Workshop)
Christopher Pryce, University of Zurich / Philip Cowen, University of Oxford