1. I need an official ZNZ confirmation of my credits in order to set a date for my defense. Can you give me this document?
    Sure. However, you first need to upload all your course certificates and ECTS documentation into DissGo (see below). As soon as this is done, please send an email to hgauss@neuroscience.uzh.ch asking for a signed confirmation of your ECTS credits.
  2. How do I upload my course certificates into DissGo?
    Log in to DissGo, choose «Milestones-Curriculum-Add activity”. Please make sure that you enter all the details correctly, such as title, activity type, ECTS credits, hours, date, location, organizer, date etc. Press the “Browse-Button” and upload the PDF (Word and Excel-files do NOT work).

    Please DO NOT press “submit for approval”, since once this is done you will not be able to upload or correct any further course certificates.We also need this milestone to remain "unapproved" until we have added your "Certificate - International PhD Program in Neuroscience" to this milestone after your defense.
  1. How do I know if the external course I just attended will be credited with ECTS points?
    External courses with confirmed credit points (ECTS) signed by the lecturer or the organizer will be considered case by case. If you do not have any written confirmation of the ECTS credits you need to acquire this yourself and send it to us. We cannot approve any credits without this confirmation.


  1. Why are my exam results not shown/entered into DissGo?
    ZNZ only enters “new” data as of September 2017 into DissGo. All former exam results as well as information regarding PhD retreat participation is kept in our internal files. We do not transfer your “older” data into DissGo.
  2. What kind of information/documents do I need to submit in order to get my ZNZ Certificate in Neuroscience at the end of my PhD studies?
    We need to have the following information:
    a. All your course certificates must be uploaded into DissGo. (For those who still use the “blue ZNZ leaflet” to collect signatures from the lectures regarding passed courses and credit conformations: please submit the leaflet and all other course certificates).
    b. The date of your successful defense
    c. The final (corrected and official) version of your thesis as a PDF or a link to the document.
    d. Your current address
    e. For MD PhD students and students in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences: An official document stating which courses are credited to your other program.
  3. I want my courses to be shown in the ETH system “mystudies”. How do I proceed? Make sure that your courses and confirmations are uploaded in DissGo (see No. 2). We will then print an overview of these courses and sign it. You can send this form to your institute to put this information into “mystudies”.

    If your “Introductory Course in Neuroscience” exams and the participation in the PhD Retreat took place before September 2017, it is not registered in DissGo. In order to give you the necessary confirmation, we kindly ask you to fill out and send us the ETH form “Testatbogen für Doktorierende/Course participation certificate for doctoral students”. We will check, sign and return it to you.


  1. How do I upload my annual reports into DissGo?
    Please note that we do NOT use the form “Thesis Committee Meeting Report”. Instead please upload your thesis proposal or annual reports. The report requirements are described on our website:

    Thesis proposal
    Annual progress reports

    The reports must be signed and dated by all thesis steering committee members.
    Go to the tab “PHD Process”. Please upload your thesis proposal and annual reports as follows:

ZNZ Thesis Proposal and Reports

Where to upload in DissGo

1. Your complete Thesis Proposal (max 5 pages)

- 1st Thesis Committe Meeting

2. Once Again Your complete Thesis Proposal (max 5 pages)

- Research Proposal

3. Your complete Annual Progress Report 1

- 2nd Thesis Committee Meeting

4. Your complete Annual Progress Report 2

- 3rd Thesis Committee Meeting

5. Your complete Annual Progress Report 3

- 4th Thesis Committee Meeting


Step-by-step explanation on how to upload the reports:

Go to the tab “PhD Process”

  1. Go to the correct upload area, for example ”1st Thesis Committee Meeting”
  2. Click on “Edit information”
  3. Write the date of your report into the field “Thesis committee meeting date”
  4. Press the Browse button
  5. Upload your dated and signed PDF thesis proposal or progress report

For any technical questions and issues regarding DissGo, please contact:



 8. How do I register for the Introductory Courses in Neuroscience and for the
     exam of these courses?

     There is no registration needed for the ZNZ Introductory Courses in
     Neuroscience. The same applies for the exams of these specific courses.
 9.  When are the exams of the Introductory Course in Neuroscience
The exams usually take place on Monday afternoon of the last lecture-free week,
       i.e the part I (fall) exam in February in the week before lectures start and part II
       (spring) correspondingly in September in the week before lectures start.
       Link for more details about the exams: here



How do I register for the other ZNZ courses and the ZNZ PhD Retreat?


For the three ZNZ courses mentioned below and for the ZNZ PhD retreat we will send official invitation emails in the springtime. We only register students that are replying directly to these emails. It is not possible to register to these courses before the invitation email has been sent out. Please bear in mind that we register on a "first-come, first serve basis":
- Course in Science Ethics for Cancer Biologists and Neuroscientists
  (1 ECTS credit)
- Crash Couse in Statistics (2 ECTS credit)
- Writing for Neuroscientists (1.5 ECTS credit)





How do I register for other courses that are not organized by the ZNZ?


Please look in the course description for the course coordinator and contact him/her directly for further details.