ZNZ Symposium - Thursday, 12 September 2019
UZH Central Campus, Lecture Hall HAH E3, Häldeliweg 2, Zurich

 8:30 - 8:45   

Prof. Fritjof Helmchen, Director ZNZ

 8:45 - 9:30

Volker-Henn Lecture
Systems consolidation of memory during sleep
Prof. Jan Born, Institute for Medical Psychology and Behavioural Neurobiology, Universität Tübingen

  9:30 - 10:00

Coffee Break

10:00 - 11:30

Parallel Workshops:
Induced pluripotent stem cell models in neuroscience
Lecture Hall E3, Organization: Prof. Ruxandra Bachmann-Gagescu, Prof. Edna Grünblatt and Dr. Christian Tackenberg

The interplay of microcirculation and plasticity after ischemic stroke (CRPP Stroke)
Lecture Hall E11, Organization: Prof. Susanne Wegener

Pain – concepts and circuits (CRPP Pain)
Lecture Hall F1, Organization: Prof. Uli Zeilhofer and Prof. Armin Curt

11:30 - 12:15

Speed presentations of selected posters, 15 posters in 3 min each

12:15 - 14:45

Poster Session, Lunch (Foyer)


General Assembly of ZNZ Group Leaders (Lecture Hall E3)


Short Talks

14:45 - 15:05

Studying axon-glial signalling and axonal energy metabolism in white matter
Dr. Aiman Saab, Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, UZH

15:05 - 15:25

Cognition, action, and the hypothalamus
Prof. Denis Burdakov, Institute for Neuroscience, ETH

15:25 - 15:45

Combining fMRI with chemo- and optogenetics in the mouse to deconstruct brain network activity
Dr. Valerio Zerbi, Neural Control of Movement Lab, ETH

15:45 - 16:05

Modulation of sleep to modify neurological disease? Lessons from traumatic brain injury, Parkinson, and Alzheimer models
Dr. Daniela Noain, Department of Neurology, USZ

16:05 - 16:30

Coffee Break

16:30 - 16:45

ZNZ Award for the Best PhD Thesis 2019

16:45 - 17:30

Betty and David Koetser Award Lecture:
Circuit solutions for programming actions
Prof. Silvia Arber, Biozentrum and Friedrich Miescher Institute, Basel

17:30 - 18:45