Annual Progress Reports

The annual progress report must include:

1.    A cover page with the following information:
  - the working title
  - the number of the annual report (1st, 2nd etc.)
  - the date
  - name and signature of the student
  - name of the institute/clinic in which the student carries out the thesis research
  - names and signatures of all three members of the thesis steering committee

2.    A short synopsis of the project and specific aims (max. 1/2 page)

3.    Experimental methods and results achieved in the past year (max. 1 page)

4.    Problems and next steps (max. 1/2 page)

5.    Time schedule over the whole period of the Ph.D. work, if necessary a revised version from the thesis proposal

6.    Literature references

The progress report should not exceed 4 pages. Cumulative progress reports over two or more years are not accepted.