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Neuroscience Center Zurich


Students are required to complete an internship of 8 weeks in a company or a clinic of their choice (choice may include, but is not restricted to, companies and clinics of our internal list). The internship choice should be mentioned in the learning agreement and must be relevant to Brain Sciences. The IDB Scientific Coordinator has to be informed about the choice of the company/clinic prior to the start of the internship. Unlisted company/clinic can be selected for internship after aproval from the IDB directors.

As soon as a supervisor for the internship has been identified and the starting / ending dates have been decided, students are requested to fill out the internship registration form (provided by the IDB Scientific Coordinator) and have it signed by their supervisor. The completed and signed internship registration form must be sent to the IDB Scientific Coordinator prior to the start of the internship. The internship starting date cannot precede the date on which the form is signed.

A final report of minimum 5 pages must be dated and signed by the student and the external supervisor at the company / clinic. A PDF of the signed report must be submitted to the IDB Scientific Coordinator to accredit relevant ECTS credits.