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Neuroscience Center Zurich

Matriculation at ETH Zurich

General information:

Application Deadlines: no specific deadlines for doctoral students.

  • Ask your supervisor to sign the “Confirmation of doctoral thesis supervision” included above.
  • If your thesis supervisor is a honorary professor or a senior lecturer but not a professor at ETH, please also provide the following form:
  • Pay the registration fee of CHF 50.- (holders of a Swiss Master degree but not ETH or EPFL) or 150.- (holders of a foreign Master degree) and send the payment slip or other proof of payment with your application.
  • Provided your application is complete, matriculation at ETH will be immediate. The admission as a PhD student is provisional at this stage and the official admission together with the decision regarding possible additional requirements to fulfill (courses, exams to take) will take longer.
  • Please also check the doctoral studies page of the department you will be doing your PhD at. There may be additional regulations to follow (see box).


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