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Neuroscience Center Zurich

Matriculation at UZH

Application Deadlines for doctoral students: 
31 January for the Spring term and 31 July for the Fall term

If you are already a student at the UZH, make sure you stay enrolled and apply for the PhD program.

Important: please note that if you hold a foreign degree, the admission procedure may take up to two or three months.

  • Fill out either the online application form in German or the pdf application form in English. The application form lists all the documents you need to provide, please also check the specifics listed for the Science Faculty.
    English form :
  • Pay the registration fee of CHF 100.- and send the payment slip or other proof of payment with your application.
  • Ask your supervisor to fill out the form “Bestätigung für Doktorierende“ confirming the supervision of your doctorate and to be found here ...
    Note:  the above confirmation requires the signature of a Science Faculty member or a scientist with "Promotionsrecht",i.e. the right to supervise doctoral theses, at the Science Faculty
  • Register with the ZNZ PhD Program (details see Application and Registration). Admission in a PhD Program is a requirement for PhD students at the Science Faculty (MNF) and you will need to provide the acceptance letter of the program. 
  • Once you have been admitted as a PhD student at the UZH and have received your immatriculation documents and the bill for the upcoming term, you will need to register your PhD project with the Science Faculty (MNF). If your semester has not started yet, ask the office of student affairs of the MNF for a retroactive immatriculation to the presently active semester.
    You will also be required to inform the Faculty of the members of your thesis committee within a few months of starting your PhD. Please check the ordinance and program regulations below for guidance regarding the composition of your thesis committee and other regulations.For other faculties, a different procedure may apply.

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