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Neuroscience Center Zurich

Research Related Courses

Courses offered by ZNZ

Neuroimaging Block Course (PDF, 182 KB)
1 ECTS credit, Lars Michels et al.
25-26 March 2024

Click here to register.  (Registration deadline 27 February 2024)
You will be notified via email if you got a place or if you are on the waiting list.

BIO 628: Neuroscience Block Course for MD/PhD students (PDF, 458 KB)
6 ECTS credits, Simone Hornemann et al.
5 June, 10-18 June,  2 July 2024

Registration via email to Artemi Bendandi:

Advanced Analysis of EEG Data Using Matlab
1 ECTS credit, Andreas Keil
Target audience: PhD students who have some experience with EEG/ERP reordings. No detailed previous knowledge is needed.
Prerequisite: Laptop with matlab license.
We will let you know in spring 2024 if this course will be repeated.


Crash Course in Statistics for Neuroscientists
2 ECTS credits, Christoph Luchsinger and Servan Grüninger

19-23 Aug. 2024 => 9:00 - 12:00, Theory
26-28 Aug. 2024 => 9:00 - 16:00,  Applications in R
Place: Y35 F-32

Registration deadline: 22 July 2024
Registration link (ZNZ students have priority):