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  New Blood-Brain-Barrier Model
Publication in Advanced Science
17 Feb 2023
  ZNZ Science & Drinks
New seminar series
starts in January 2023
  Koetser Prize for Vertigo Research
This year's Award goes to Adolfo Bronstein
2 December 2022
  Protein Structure May Diagnose Parkinson's Disease
New publication in Nat Struct Mol Biol.
29 November 2022
  Immune System Reboot in MS Patients
New publication in Science Transl. Med.
17 November 2022

27th Zurich Vertigo Symposium
Monakow Hörsaal
1 December 2022, 14:00-18:00

  9th KNZ Annual Symposium (PDF, 488 KB)
Neuroplasticity: novel insights from basic & clinical science
Monakow Hörsaal
30 November 2022, 14:00-18:00
  Burghölzli Psychiatry Meeting 2022
Keynote speech by Prof. Nikolai Axmacher.
10 November 2022

Building up the Connectome
A model for brain wiring.
25 August 2022

  Research Day Clinical Neurocenter (PDF, 499 KB)
Hörsaal Monakow
2 September 2022
  Amyloid and Tau in Alzheimer's Disease (PDF, 107 KB)
Talk by Jürgen Götz on
26 August 2022 at 13:00
  Ultrasound for Human Brain Imaging
Skull bone remains challenging.
26 July 2022
  Call for Research Proposals on Neurodegeneration
New request for proposals by the Hurka Foundation
Submission deadline by 31 July 2022
  3rd Symposium of the URPP AdaBD
University of Zurich, Alte Kantonsschule
Aula RAA-G-01, Rämistrasse 59
4 July 2022, 13:00-19:00
  SNFS Advanced Grant for Sebastian Jessberger
Investigating the aging process in the brain
29 June 2022
  60 Years Brain Research Institute
Jubilee Symposium on
15 June 2022, Program
  Memristor for Brain-Inspired Computing
Publication in Nature Communications
18 May 2022

Modeling the Development of the Neural Tube
Publication in PNAS
16 May 2022

  Automated Analysis of Animal Behavior
New publication by Yanik et al.
in Nature Machine Intelligence
25 April 2022
  Enhancing Deep Sleep
First clinical study of new wearable device
8 April 2022
  Proposals for Alzheimer Research
New call by Synapsis Foundation
4 April 2022

Phenomenological Methods in Neuroscience and Consciousness Research
Workshop on 28-30 April 2022

  iPSZurich Symposium
20 April 2022
  Astrocyte Networks Are Important for Learning and Memory
Publication by Hösli et al. in Cell Reports
7 March 2022

Mechanisms of Synaptic Loss After Stroke
Publication by Cramer et al.
in Science Advances
4 March 2022

  Finally Rational? (PDF, 176 KB)
New study by Grujic, Brus, Burdakov and Polania in Science Advances.
4 March 2022
  Twin Study on Causes of MS
Publication by Ingelfinger, Becher,
Beltran et al. in Nature.
16 February 2022

Watch the Beautiful Brain
by Lorenzo Gesuita et al.
and donate in their
Crowdfunding Campaign
11 February 2022

  New Biosensor for Orexin
Publication by Patriarchi et al.
in Nature Methods
10 February 2022